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Terms of Condition

1. The lease is concluded as soon as the conference room has been ordered or promised.

2. Pre-booking is binding to both parties.
The Hotel Koenig Ludwig II reserves the right to rent out the conference room to a different party, after the booking date has been exceeded.

3. If a complete cancellation occurs, you will be billed:
•  until 7 days before arrival - no costs
•  until 6-4 days before arrival - 30% of the total price per day
•  until 3-0 days before arrival - 80% of the total price per day.
If  the conference room is not be used by the party which reserved it, the Hotel Koenig Ludwig II will strive to reassign it to another party in order to minimize financial loss.

4. We ask you to inform us, at least 1 day before the event with the final number of guests.

5. Bringing food and beverage to the conference, requires approval by the Hotel


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